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Police Department


Police Officers 


Animal Control 

Chief: John Witham

Supervisor: Angela Casey

Suzanne Burns

Deputy Chief: Mike Garcia

Dispatcher: Courtney Miller


Corporal: John Garcia

Dispatcher: Toby Grig


Corporal: Keith Denton

Dispatcher: Shantel Johns


Officer: Kristen Johnson

Dispatcher: Larry Skipper


Officer: Westin Vincent

Dispatcher: Brittany Heilman


Officer: Brandon Turner



Officer: John Dehaven




Mission Statement:

Tonkawa Police Department is to work in true partnership with our fellow citizens of Tonkawa to enhance the quality in our city. By raising the level of public safety through law enforcement, we will reduce the fear and incidence of crime. In accomplishing these goals, service will be our commitment. Honor and integrity will be our mandate. Only through a coordinated police-community effort can public order and safety be achieved and sustained. Therefore, we will actively encourage community support in a cooperative effort to achieve this mission.

The Tonkawa Police Department is committed to providing quality, professional service to all members of the community. We will do our best to recognize individuals who provide exemplary service. Community members and visitors to Tonkawa are invited to share their positive experience by submitting a commendation. This may be done by turning in a written letter to our City Manager, Kirk Henderson.

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