The City of Tonkawa provides all kinds of services for it's citizens ranging from Police and Fire to Waste Water and electric.  You can find everything you need to know about the services provided here!

City Administration

Manger: Kirk Henderson
Clerk: Nancy Skipper
Attorney: Bryce Kennedy
Council Member: Charles Conaghan
Council Member: Glenn Cope
Council Member: Jack Evans

Police Department

Chief: John Whitham
Sergeant: Nicholas Payne
Corporal: J.T. Hopkins
Officer: Blake Hoemann
Officer: Aaron Jones

Integrity: We will always do what is legally, ethically, and morally right.
Honor: We will always remain faithful to our Oath of Honor, and the Law Enforcement Code of Ethics.
Courage: We will maintain the mental, moral, and physical strength to face any fear, danger, or temptation.


Supervisor: Michael Vines
Dispatcher: Conner Bunney
Dispatcher: Toby Grigg
Dispatcher: Dakota Stephen
Dispatcher: Heather Riff

Animal Control

Suzanne Burns

Our Mission

The Mission of the Tonkawa Police Department is “To Protect and Serve:” to protect with vigilance the safety, rights, property, and peace of all, and to serve with compassion and excellence, striving to provide aid and support to any and all in need. It is the vision of the Tonkawa Police Department to provide exemplary community oriented policing services; creating partnerships and problem solving strategies that promote safety, security, and well-being for all.

Fire Department

 Chief: Justin Kienzle
Assistant Chief: James Esch
Lieutenant/Fire Marshall: Robert Fehring
Lieutenant/Life-Line Director: Renee Magdaleno
Lieutenant/Training Officer: Steve Varner
 Firefighter/EMT: Tanner Crawford
 Firefighter/EMT: James Jacobs
Firefighter/EMT: Bryan Jordan

Our Mission

To prevent harm. 
To Survive. 
To be nice.
Our essential mission and number one priority is to deliver the best possible service to our customers. We will always be nice and strive to treat everyone with respect, kindness, patience and consideration. We will always attempt to execute a standard problem solving outcome as follows; quick, effective, skillful, safe, caring and managed. We will regard everyone as a customer. We will consider how and what we are doing looks to others. We will never disqualify a customer with our qualifications. Our basic organizational behavior will be customer centered. We will continually improve our customer service performance.

Public Works

Public Works Director: Stacy Burns

Tonkawa's Public Works Department includes our City's Electric Dept., Water & Waste Water Dept., Streets & Parks Dept. These departments oversee the maintenance and wellbeing of the City's infrastructure and ensure that City continues to operate smoothly.

Streets & Parks Department Staff

Jose Martinez
Jason Baldwin

Electric Department Staff

 James "Junior" Green
Bobby Milligan
Donnie Sanders
Tanner Heimbach

 Water/Waste Department Staff

Colton Dollarhide
Travis Parker 
Jonathan Brasher


The Tonkawa Public Library and it's staff will, as it's purpose, deliver quality personalized library services to Tonkawa and the surrounding communities. We will do this by providing information, programs and diverse collections through a variety of different formats. Our goal is to help enlighten, inspire and delight people of all ages.


Director: Megan Hill 
Assistant Librarian: Kelly Baker
Children's Librarian: Megan Schatz

Board Members

President: Judy Esch
Vice President: Beverly Smith
Secretary: Debbie Randall
Member: Larry Sommerfield
Member: Angela Reyes

Our Mission

The Tonkawa Public Library Board of Trustees and staff, recognizing the impact of technology, specifically electronics and information on the lives of Tonkawa residents and people in the surrounding area, will strive to provide technology services for our patrons by the most up to date and safest means possible.

Tonkawa Development Authority


Kevin Ditmore, Economic Development Coordinator
Kurt Campbell, Chairman


Retain all existing jobs and create new jobs in Tonkawa by supporting existing business expansion and aggressively pursuing new employers in the community of Tonkawa.

Board of Trustees

Johnny Thornburgh
Vice Chairman
Logan Moore

Becky Cunningham

Economic Consultant
Kevin Ditmore

Tonkawa Historical Society

220 East Grand Avenue
Tonkawa, Oklahoma 74653
Hours of Operation:
Tuesday - Saturday
1:00 - 3:00 p.m.
Or By Appointment

Valorie Buss
(580) 761 7576

Evelyn Cole
(580) 628 2712

Tonkawa Housing Authority

Dennis Buss, Chairman
(580) 628-5592
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